Growing Prospects of Document Control System

Document Control systems are electronic solutions that help organizations to manage their documents related activities effectively. This is used for the storage as well as organization of large number of documents. The documents of different categories can be stored and accessed this provide a centralized organization of the documents in the organization. An efficient document control keeps record of every action taken within an organization, with respect to the creation, distribution, modification and deletion of documents.

A Document Control System provides services such as massive storage, versioning of documents and electronic records, usage of search features as well as recovery of documents. DMS assist in creating and reproducting of documents. The complete sequences in workflow include different phases such as proofreading, reviewing, authorizing and approvals are effectively handled in these systems. This prevents damage of documents and assists in efficient recovery. Digital archiving of documents is possible in enterprises through this data management system.

The popularity of Electronic Document Control has increased due to the emergence of the
SaaS(Software as a Service)-based DMS solution. The SaaS-based models use the resources in the cloud. The SaaS-based models help to reduce the cost of deploying valuable IT infrastructure, which increases an organization’s efficiency. It reduces the time required to complete the task by the system as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time on any internet enabled device.

Data Security and Privacy are the major responsibility of any document control system. The SaaS-based systems provide the efficiency but it always has a fear of information leakage that may result in manipulation of data. So it has different level of access to different users and the best of it follows the rules and regulations related to the security and privacy.

It enables employees to easily manage and access the documents in the organization by just using software, making the organization’s environment nearer to paperless.

DocControl is a next generation, cloud based and most secure document control system. It is a robust web-based SaaS solution for Document Management. It’s not a web-based front-end to early technology, and it’s not trying to be everything. It’s simply the best online Document Control and Document compliance software period for small and medium sized business. DocControl is more cost effective than the major competitors without long-term contracts and no hidden fees.

As DocControl is a web based system, it provides the ease of access to its user. It is compliant to HIPAA, 21 CFR part 11 and various others US tough rules and regulations that make it a secure DMS. The audit trail feature provides the facility to keep the record of all the actions performed by the various staff members in the system.