Quick Start Guide: Retiring a Document

Now that we have learned how to upload, approve, and revise a document we will cover how to retire a document that is outdated or no longer needed. We will retire the first document we uploaded into DocControl. You must have a User or Administrator account type to request the retirement of a document. Follow the steps below to retire a document.

Retiring a Document

  1. Click on My Starting Projectfrom the document tree
  2. Locate and select the document you want to retire.
  3. Click on ‘Request Retirement’ from the document properties bar
  4. You will be asked to specify the retirement reason.
  5. Click ‘Request Retirement’ to confirm the request.

Document Removal

A retirement request will be sent to both the approvers we assigned. They must review and approve this request before the document is retired. If a document is retired it will no longer be accessible from the dashboard. Only administrators can access retired documents through the ‘Document Archive’ or ‘Retired Documents’ report. A retired document is no longer part of the document group. If the document approvers reject the retirement request, the document will still be accessible from the dashboard.