What are the PDF Settings for?

All compatible documents are automatically converted to PDF when loaded into the system. As part of this process, DocControl allows the addition of a Header Page, a watermark, and a footer. The PDF settings menu allows you to customize each of these options.

How do I assign approvers?

Approvers can be assigned when documents are initially loaded into the system or by an owner or administrator at any time.

What are “Recurring Approval Periods”?

Document groups and documents can have a “Approval Period” defined. The document will be approved for this period only. Shortly before the document expiry, the document will be placed in the Approvers “Documents for Approval” group, and the approver will be notified

How do I checkout a document?

Simply click the Check-out button, and you will be prompted to save the file. You will download the original document in the original format. To check-in a document, click the Check-in button, and select the file of the same filename.

Who approves my document?

Documents need to be approved by all the approvers that are applicable to a document. Applicable approvers depend on the Document Groups to which you’re adding the document. You can see the applicable approvers while adding a document. It is possible to create a folder where documents do not require approval. In this case documents will be approved by the document owner.

Can I add a document to multiple Groups?

Yes, you can add a document to multiple document groups. While Adding document, select multiple document groups in the document group and add the document. The document will take the properties of each of the groups to which it was added