What are Document Groups?

Document Groups are a collection of the Documents with defined settings. Document access, document approval, watermark, front page formatting, and document footer properties are all controllable through the properties of the document group. Document groups are arranged in a hierarchical structure, and a sub-folder will inherit the properties of the parent folder, unless overwritten. Of course, these properties can be applied to individual documents, if desired.

How do I create a document?

Simple! After logging in, click on the Add Document button. Now select the file, give it a name, select the document groups you want to add it to and click on Add Document button. A PDF is automatically generated for most document types. Your document automatically inherits the security settings and properties of the document group in which it was placed.

What can I do in the User Dashboard?

The user Dashboard lists all the documents that are available to you, and all of the functions that can be performed on a document. On left side, you’ll find the Available Groups hierarchy. Select a group from the hierarchy to view documents inside it. You’ll see the documents of the selected group in the main panel. Additional details and available actions are conveniently located in the Document Properties Panel below it. On the lower left corner of the User Dashboard you’ll find quick links to your draft documents, documents you have checked out, and to documents that require your approval.

What makes DocControl unique / Why choose DocControl?

DocControl is designed completely from the ground up to be a web-based solution. It’s not a web-based front-end to early technology, and its not trying to be everything. It’s simply the best online Document Control and Document compliance software period. Also, DocControl is more cost effective than the major competitors without long-term contracts and no hidden fees. Feature for feature, DocControl offers more value than a traditional system. Plus it’s easier to learn and far more flexible.

What is DocControl?

DocControl is a Next Generation Document Management System; a robust web-based SAAS solution for Document Management, with all of the most-used features of a traditional system. DocControl features secure access, electronic signatures, full archive capability, defined Group folders, complete audit trails, and structured document approval. DocControl effectively sorts, stores, manages, and publishes all documents including SOPs, policies, forms, quality manuals, CAD files, and engineering change orders.