Highlights of Document Control System-DocControl


Every day, every Business produces a tremendous amount of documents. As it is very important for any business to keep all their documents well organized, DocControl is the right option for such organizations who are looking for document management system.

DocControl is a Next Generation Document Control and Management System that has a more advanced approach for confidential information using electronic signature. It is a SAAS based document management software product that allows several users to work in team. DocControl databases are backed up daily and securely transferred to multiple off-site locations for disaster recovery purposes. DocControl is designed mostly for small and medium sized business.

Reasons to use the Document Control and Management System

  • Fulfills the challenging task of document management
  • It gives a user friendly interface
  • Provides Secure and Trustworthy environment for your documents
  • Facilitates complete access to your documents from any location
  • It is more than software product, compatible with all platforms
  • Want to improve team productivity
  • Authenticated documented access
  • Easily Track, Share, Manage and organize documents from anywhere.

What is DocControl ?

DocControl is simple and feature rich web based Document Control and Management Software which is available and accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.

Workflow of DocControl:

DocControl converts the physical documents into electronic documents. Have a look at the process how it is done :

work flow

Features of DocControl:
DocControl is mainly featured with following key points:

  • Electronic Signatures
  • Users, and Users Groups
  • Improves team productivity
  • Global Distribution
  • Complete audit trail
  • Automatic PDF conversion
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Free one month trial
  • Flexible document hierarchy


Security: An important aspect

Security is the vital part of any growing business. Document control system should provide data protection from unauthorized access and risks. An ideal Document Management System must follow some security standards and guidelines. DocControl is compliant with many security standards which are listed as below:

  • FDA
  • 21 CFR part 11
  • GLP
  • QSR
  • ISO



The main objective of DocControl is to provide simple and user friendly environment for all. Those who are looking for a valuable cost effective electronic document control system can try one month free trial of DocControl. With its 24*7 support facility. DocControl provides you more reliable and secure experience of using your confidential documents.