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PDF Enhancements

Now all PDF will open inside a browser, embedded in a PDF Viewer.
You can restrict the following actions on PDF
– Copy
– Printing
Now you can also protect the PDF by adding password to the document.

Password for the document or the document group will be set from Settings Manager by the administrator.

Revision Control In Electronic Document Management System

What is Revision control?

The revision control in document refer to when any changes made in the document, then the version number of the document updated. It is used to keep track all the changes made in the document. Sometime it also require the signature of the person that has updated the particular document. Revision control is very useful in the multi-user Environment.

Revision control is the management of changes or updates made over time by different users in a document. Revision control is very important feature because in case if somebody make misuse of your document then it can be track very easily. It also ensures that only the current version of a the document is viewable to a user and only specific users have the access to the previous versions.

How Revision control is handled manually in document ?

Every Organization produce a huge amount of data everyday which gets documented further. So, Traditionally all the documents in paper form are maintained manually in a shelf or cupboard. If somebody is willing to make some changes in a particular document then that person has to visit the respective section of shelf and take the particular document from it and make the necessary changes in the document. After updating the document, user change the version number and attach the signature for the security purpose and at last will keep that document back in the shelf or cupboard.

The process of Revision control in EDMS

EDMS is the acronym for Electronic Document Management System. It is the process of storing, managing and accessing large amount of documents electronically with the use of computer system or any other electronic device. To manage document electronically we need to upload the documents into the system and the user who upload the document will be the owner of that document.

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Highlights of Document Control System-DocControl


Every day, every Business produces a tremendous amount of documents. As it is very important for any business to keep all their documents well organized, DocControl is the right option for such organizations who are looking for document management system.

DocControl is a Next Generation Document Control and Management System that has a more advanced approach for confidential information using electronic signature. It is a SAAS based document management software product that allows several users to work in team. DocControl databases are backed up daily and securely transferred to multiple off-site locations for disaster recovery purposes. DocControl is designed mostly for small and medium sized business.

Reasons to use the Document Control and Management System

  • Fulfills the challenging task of document management
  • It gives a user friendly interface
  • Provides Secure and Trustworthy environment for your documents
  • Facilitates complete access to your documents from any location
  • It is more than software product, compatible with all platforms
  • Want to improve team productivity
  • Authenticated documented access
  • Easily Track, Share, Manage and organize documents from anywhere.

What is DocControl ?

DocControl is simple and feature rich web based Document Control and Management Software which is available and accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.

Workflow of DocControl:

DocControl converts the physical documents into electronic documents. Have a look at the process how it is done :

work flow

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Replace Your Paper Documents Into An Electronic Document


In this digital world, everything is getting digitalized so why not make documentation online! Managing Paper documents is turning into a big problem in many organizations so here the solution is Electronic Document Management system.


Let’s know about Electronic Documents first:

Electronic Documents as its name suggest is the electronic form of document which can be manage using any electronic medium. Managing the documents manually is a tedious task for any organization. Most of the organization uses document management systems to manage the documents, a document management system is one which will convert the physical document into electronic document.

How the Paper documents are converted into Electronic documents

  • Scan documents can directly be feeded into the document management and control system.
  • The documents created electronically such as Word file, PPT, Excel sheet, PDF’s, and so on.
  • Instead of printing the documents and managing them manually, they can be converted into electronic form.

The document management and control systems are used to store and organize large number of documents in a systematic manner. Document management systems provide a centralized access to the documents stored in it.

An ideal document management system must have following characteristics:

  • Easy to Understand and use
  • Manage electronic documents as physical documents
  • Security
  • Multiple ways to organize files.

All documents are stored in a central database and the granted users can access those documents based on their access level. This will makes the documents secured from being theft or modified. If someone try to edit it will be recorded.

The documents stored on central database provide the ease of access to its users and it will make the only one copy of the document in the storage location. We can also add the concept of digital signature to the documents to find out the person attach with that document that will increase the security of the documents.

DocControl is a next generation document management system which is used to manage the documents electronically, we can add, store and access the documents in it. As it is a web based system it can be access on any internet enabled device, there is no need to install a special software for using it. Your browser is the brand new document management system. So start using it and avoid document management manually.